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Season II filming underway!

Season I of What Went Wrong: Countdown to Catastrophe was a big success with broadcasters, whose audiences appreciated a different way of telling these stories - a sensitive yet investigative approach combined with in-depth look at the engineering behind high profile accidents.

The Covid-19 was a setback for many production companies, but Millstream Films and Media kept on top of our ongoing series and began filming using new pandemic safety protocols as soon as the European lockdowns were lifted.

Season II will feature a number of thorny stories, where justice has been delayed, denied or obscured by a lack of transparency and accountability. We are interviewing a number of eye witnesses whose stories have never been told before. The episodes are the downing of MH17 over Ukraine, the Beirut Port Explosion, the Love Parade disaster in Germany, the Viareggio Train Derailment in Tuscany, the Mont Blanc Tunnel Fire, the Ramstein Air Show disaster.

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